110 - 6th Ave., Osler, SK S0K 3A0 Worship Time: Sunday 10:45 am.


Pastor Bill Janzen

Lead Pastor

Email: billjanzen@sasktel.net

Bill & his wife Anne joined the pastoral team at Osler Mission Chapel in September of 1994. He became the Lead Pastor January 1, 2000 and continues to serve in this capacity at the present time. His primary role is to provide overall leadership to the church and to teach and preach God’s word. His heart and passion is to be instrumental in leading people to embrace the truth of God’s word by faith, applying it to their daily lives and to experience walking in the power of God’s marvelous grace.

Pastor Simon Wiebe

Associate Pastor

Email: simon.linda@sasktel.net

Simon & his wife Linda were called to join the pastoral team in September 2001. As an Associate Pastor he is also called to assist the Lead Pastor in a variety of ways which includes some preaching. His heart is to reach and minister to men and married couples and to see them grow spiritually and be all that God desires them to be.

Pastor Ron Doerksen

Youth Pastor

Email: ronnied@sasktel.net

Ron and Jenn have served as volunteer youth leaders in Osler Missions Chapel since 1999. In 2007 they were installed to the (newly introduced) Youth Pastor Position. They have a passion for the work of the Holy Spirit in young people – The changing, growing and maturing of hearts and lives in an ever-changing world, remaining steadfast and true to God’s Word in teaching and counselling.

Pastor Vern Enns

Pastor of Music

Email: keepinrhythm@gmail.com

Vern & his wife Christiana joined the pastoral team on May 18, 2014 and Vern began to serve as Pastor of Music. In this unique and vital ministry of the church, Vern is responsible to provide leadership to all areas of worship that pertain to music ministry. His passion is that the ministry of music would be influential in bringing people to an authentic worship experience and a closer walk with God.

Pastor Garry Wiebe

Associate Pastor

Email: g.wiebe@sasktel.net

Garry & His wife Pat joined the pastoral team Jan. 1, 2016.
Garry served as an associate/youth pastor before returning to OMC in 2006.
Garry and Pat have served in various roles at OMC including youth leaders and most recently as deacon couple.

Pastor Dan Wright

Associate Pastor

Email: danielneilwright64@gmail.com

Dan & his wife Theresa joined the pastoral staff Jan. 1, 2016

Dan & Theresa bring a unique perspective serving overseas in Papua New Guinea as missionaries, Dan & Theresa served with New Tribes Mission of Canada from 1994 – 2011.

Dan & Theresa served as deacon couple for 2 years prior to accepting the call of Associate Pastor.

As associate pastor Dan will oversee the Christian education in the Connect department as part of his portfolio.

Osler Mission Chapel Deacons

The deacon couples of OMC serve in assisting the Pastoral Team in a variety of ways. They are a vital part of the hands on ministry as well as the spiritual leadership of the church, providing leadership on boards, committees, and various aspects of church functions according to their God given gifts and abilities.