110 - 6th Ave., Osler, SK S0K 3A0 Worship Time: Sunday 10:45 am.


Osler Mission Chapel had its beginning when a dozen families gathered one Sunday morning at the home of Jacob & Anne Wiebe in Martensville on November 3rd 1974. In the months preceding this gathering, several families had been meeting to fellowship, pray, and study God’s Word together, in response to a growing desire among them for a more evangelical expression of their faith. At a later gathering at the home of Pete & Mary Guenther near Hepburn the following Sunday, it was agreed to hold another meeting in which to prepare for a more permanent arrangement. Those interested met at the home of Henry & Margaret Neufeld in Osler on November 11th. During that week, a small building formerly used as a school in Osler was rented, cleaned, and furnished in preparation for church services the next Sunday. The newly formed congregation continued to meet in this building for the next 1-½ years. Very shortly after the initial meetings, discussions began with the Chortitzer Mennonite Conference (CMC) based in Steinbach, Manitoba, regarding affiliation with that denomination. On October 12th 1975, twelve couples joined the CMC.

The congregation rapidly outgrew the rented hall, and plans were made to construct a building. 1-½ acres of land on the southwestern edge of Osler were donated by Jacob Pauls for that purpose. With much volunteer labour by the congregation, a building was rapidly built, and the first service was held on March 28th 1976. The Lord continued to bless this church and they soon outgrew the existing building. This church building, too, was expanded with a new sanctuary which is the present structure. This second addition was dedicated to the Lord on November 21st 1982.

The ministries of the church were developed and a concern for local and overseas missions (as reflected in the name the church chose) led to active support for missionaries and other ministries beyond the church walls. It wasn’t long before the church sent out its very own and first missionary to serve with SEND International in the Philippines.

As the church grew the need for more leadership became more apparent, and has developed into a team of four pastors and five deacon couples at this present time, which includes one lead pastor and a youth pastor that are fully financially supported.

In the past number of years the blessing of growth in the body of Christ at Osler Mission Chapel has again brought us to the point where our building facilities are inadequate to meet the present needs and allow for future growth.

After much prayer, discussion, and seeking the Lord, in January 2004, the leadership of Osler Mission Chapel set new vision for growth and ministry, believing God for great things and moving into the future by faith. The decision was made to move forward with a substantial building expansion, which was embraced by the congregation at a meeting on June 19/06. We remain confident that this will be to praise of God’s glory and to the spiritual benefit of the church and the community.

– Pastor Bill Janzen